Great Sites to Learn From
Free guitar lessons, videos and audio
Free Guitar HQ Videos
Chordie is a search engine for finding guitar tabs, guitar chords and lyrics
For the Holidays
Christmas Carol Lyrics, Guitar Chords and Tabs
Pluck and Play Guitar
Comprehensive free lessons, videos and audio
Guitar Chord Scales and More
Well organized site of Guitar Chords - Diagrams | Scales | Keys | Lookup Charts
Three Chord Guitar
Mojo says "In the words of the great Vince Gill, “it’s what you give away!”"
Guitar Habits
Guitar Lifestyle Design
Guitar Consultant
1512 Free Guitar Chords
An interesting combination of videos, tabs, chords and lessons.
The Guitar Society
The Guitar Society
Guitar Site
Tons of guitar resources
Hub Pages
Useful content written by people like you and me
Jazz Guitar Lessons
Free instructional material for jazz guitar

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Artist Sites

Frank Vignola
One of the most extraordinary guitarists performing before the public today.
Live From Daryl's House
Daryl Hall’s free monthly web show, live from his home, collaborating with established and newer performers.
Marc Antoine
Marc Antoine - jazz fusion guitarist
Nate Najar
Finger-style nylon string classical guitarist plays traditional jazz, blues, gospel, and Brazilian beats.
Dario Cortese
Dario Cortese is an Italian guitarist, teacher and songwriter
Larry Carlton
Larry Carlton has experienced a great deal and it comes out in his music.


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